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Corinthian Lodge #573 F. & A. M.

Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center

3579 Masonic Way

Pittsburgh PA

October 1998


The summer months are coming to an end. I hope all of you enjoyed the time with your family and friends. It was a very busy time for most of us, and now I would like to take a moment and redirect your attention back to the Lodge.

I am extending an invitation to you to join us for some of the upcoming events. The day you joined this fraternity, I think you realized that you had just become a member of the World’s Greatest Fraternal organization. Whether the day you joined was last month, or in the past several decades, the organization still exists because of people like you, who have given their time and ideas to make the Lodge what it is today.

The men who have molded this Lodge are our Past Masters. They have devoted themselves wholeheartedly to make this Lodge as great as it is today. This year is the 110th anniversary of Corinthian Lodge, and we are asking for at least 110 members attend the Past Master Night Banquet on October 9, 1998, which is also the date of our Stated meeting. Not only is this a realistic number for attendance that night, but it can be for EVERY NIGHT. Just call some of your friends and have them meet you for this event, or any other event for that matter. Out of the 700 members we currently have, I have personally met about 100 of you. I would love to meet the other 600, share a dinner, and cavort about days gone by.

Please join us for Dinner at 6:00 p.m., and we will have the business meeting shortly thereafter in the Egyptian Lodge Room of the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center at 7:45 p.m. We encourage you to attend this meeting, to show your support for the Lodge, your friends, and the Past Master’s who have guided us toward the new millennium. I am positive their are some of your "Old Friends" out there who would welcome your call, and be willing to spend some "Quality time" with you again, just like the good old days. Please call them and join us at the banquet. Reservations can be made through me for $9.00 a person, up until October 1, 1998.

Just remember this: Your Masonic profession is guided by you who are at the wheel. If you drive yourself and a friend to the Lodge, you will be steering in the right direction to bring you happiness, and long-lasting friendships. This, in turn, will provide more links in that chain made in life for eternity....

Your Senior Warden,