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Just a few days ago, I was on the Golfcourse taking yet another penalty stroke, and I realized how beautiful the day was. The sun was shining, the grass was green (and thick in all that Ruff) and I was having an intelligent conversation with three of my friends. I enjoyed their company for just a few hours that day, and even though I have known these gentlemen for several years through a job I once had, it became more apparent to me that good friendship should not be taken for granted.
It really doesn' t matter how you meet these people, it is more important that you share some of your time with them. Not only will a few hours with them help you keep your sanity, but it will continue to strengthen the bond between you and your "Network of Friends" that will always come through for you when you are in a bind.
That is specifically the reason why we have planned so many events for you and your family to enjoy during these warm summer months. We want you to be able to bring your family and friends to these functions, and enjoy their company. To broaden your horizons, and meet new people.
Here is another list of some of the excursions we want you to take advantage
of. Please bring a friend with you, and if you haven't seen someone in lodge for a while, give them a call and ask them to join you.
Friday June 5, 1998: The road trip to Canfield Ohio to see their outside degree. we will be leaving GPMC at 4:30 p.m. We presently have 20 people who are attending from our lodge.
Friday June 12, 1998: The stated meeting with an Official visit from our District Deputy Grand Master Donald Murphy. Dinner will be served at 6:45 p.m., with the lodge meeting to follow at 7:45p.m.
Degree Nights: Friday June 19, Tuesday June 23, and Friday June 26. Refer to the Newsletter for more information about the candidates. We do appreciate all the brethren who show up to show their support.
Saturday June 20, 1998: The Family Picnic at Lone Pine Grove in North Park. It will begin at 2:00 p.m. and continue until we get tired and have to go home to get some sleep. -
Friday July 24, 1998: The Pittsburgh Pirates vs. The Atlanta Braves at 7:05 p.m. Deadline for ticket reservations is July 11. Bring everyone for this.
Monday August 10, 1998:Corinthian lodge Golf Outing at Green Meadows Golf Gourse. Tee off at 9:00 a.m., with lots of food all day.
Sunday September 13, 1998: NWS Stag picnic at Mill Grove in North Park. I ask once again that you bring some friends to this fantastic event.
Friday August 7, 1998: The Western PA Masonic Family Picnic Day at Kennywood Park. The 55th Masonic District will have a booth set up at this event, so please come by and say hello.

Call that friend you haven't heard from in a while. Tell him about some of these outings listed above, and bring them around too ! The more people we have that participate, the better the event will be. My goal is to make these trips as memorable as possible for all of us.

Your Senior Warden,
Mike Colberg