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Corinthian Lodge #573 F. & A. M.


I would like to take some time now to thank all of you for your vote of

confidence at last months elections. I will do my best to serve all of you in


There are many brothers who unselfishly shared their time and energies

guiding me these past few years. I could use two sheets listing their names,

but that is not practical at this time.

Some memorable brothers who were instrumental in my education were the

late William Stove: Past Master, who was 45 years a true mason and also a

friend. Brother Joe Gallagher who recommended me, brothers Mark Himmelrich:

P.M., Ed Wesolek: P.M., Bill Dorner, Mike Colberg: Worshipful Master, Bob

Matisitch: P.M., Dan Kinitchka: P.M. Brashier Lodge, and William Bigley: P.M.,

Principal, North Side School of Instruction.

As I am now being exposed to my new duties, I think back on my year as

Pursivant "FORGOT TO LOCK OUTSIDE DOOR! Not being able to unsheathe my sword,

or the memorable, "Brother Senior Warden! THE TILE IS DULY LODGED!! I

remember the 1st degree I conferred -WHEW - I was nervous! What kept me going

were you and your encouragement.

I remember a great year that Roland Livermore P.M. had -- great

education, great progress, increase in Masonic interest and programs including

the 1st Corinthian Lodge #573 Scholarship Program (OUTSTANDING). Let's keep

that program going by letting our brothers in the 55th District know about the

scholarships and encourage them to spread the word.

Seldom during the past year did the floor officers need to draft our past

officers to fill the chairs. This was due to a program of education and

sincere interest in the well being of our newest raised brothers. Brother

Rich Phillips and I will continue to improve the program of keeping new

candidates in the pipe line as trained guides.

Brother Bill Dorner did a commendable job as Junior Warden as did Mike

Colberg as Senior Warden. I look forward to continuing the excellent

standards set by them in 1998.

I wish to congratulate Brother Mike Colberg for his election as

Worshipful Master of the Corinthian Lodge #573 F.A.A.M. He has earned the

right to rule the lodge. The old story: "The Best Man For The Best Job" - So

True -

If any of you have any recommendations or can give me insight into how I

may better serve, I am open to any and all suggestions.

Next month I will put forth a letter with the theme "The Fertile Soil Of

Freemasonry" which I hope will inspire you to "recommend a friend"!!

Best Wishes,

James P. Fullerton III

Junior Warden