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Dear Brethren:

Greetings. I hope that everyone who attended the January stated meeting had a good time. For those of you who did not make it, you missed out on a great evening. After another excellent dinner, Brother Roland ran his first meeting like a pro. During the meeting, the brethren were treated to a video on the life of Brother Ed Wesolek, Baby Past Master. A good time was had by all. (Except maybe Brother Ed!)

January was a very busy month in our lodge. On Tuesday, January 13th, three fine men took their first steps in Freemasonry. Al Short, John Lazaro, and Jack Beatty each became Entered Apprentice Masons and the newest members of Corinthian Lodge. On Friday, January 16th, John Allman was passed to a Fellowcraft Mason and Bill Weber was raised to a Master Mason. If you see any of these brethren, be sure to congratulate them on their progress.

February will continue our trend of multiple degree nights. We will have two extra meetings for putting on degrees. These will be on Tuesday, February 10th, and on Friday, February 2Oth. Please come to these meetings and enjoy some excellent degree work and good fellowship. Having the need for multiple degree nights is a sign that Corinthian Lodge is growing. I hope this trend continues all year long.

"The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work."

Vince Lombardi

In order to succeed in anything we do, we must work hard and with diligence. This goes for our work in Freemasonry, our careers, and the relationships we have with our friends and family. Never expect to have things handed to you.


Sincerely and Fraternally,

Junior Warden