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Corinthian Lodge #573 F.& A.M.
Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dear Brethren:

Our lodge vacation is finally over. It is time to put away our hammocks and lawn chairs and come back to the lodge. I hope that everyone had a happy and relaxing summer, and that you are all ready for the September stated meeting. I would like to personally thank each and every brother who attended the Tuesday night Officers' Meetings over the summer. You have the desire to keep the floor work fresh in your minds, and the elected officers thank you for this. Also, I would like to thank everyone who attended our summer activities such as the Family Picnic and the Pirate game. A great time was had by all at these events. Please remember that the stag picnic is just around the corner, so get your reservations in today.

I am not going to mention any names, but several brethren from a number of other lodges have told me how they envy Corinthian Lodge. They mention the number of members we have present at both our stated and extra meetings, the many events we schedule for the members to enjoy, the activities that include our wives and children, the excellent meals we cook ourselves, the amount of donations we make, and the spirit of brotherhood present at all of our meetings and events. Needless to say, these comments make me very proud. But each member of our lodge who comes to our meetings and events should also be proud. Without you, our lodge would not be as great as it is, and we would not have the good reputation that we have among masons from other lodges.

"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble."

Titus Maccius Plautus, 254-184 B.C.

Too often in our modern technological world we are rushed. As we all know from experience, when we are rushed we rarely perform as best we can. We all need to be more patient in our lives and remember that life is too short to always be in a hurry.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Junior Warden

September, 1998