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February 2001

Wisdom from the East


Thank you all for coming out to our March stated meeting to sing happy birthday to me. I must admit you we're all in a good tone of voice. The merger between Corinthian Lodge and Theodore Roosevelt Lodge has started. Both Lodge's have voted unanimously on the intent to merge. This month we will vote on the merger. It's a long drawn out process, but a much-needed one for everyone involved. Again I would like to congratulate our newly raised brothers, Anthony Viscomi, Thomas Weger, and Ronald Absten. It was a pleasure seeing them at their first stated meeting, and I do hope to see them many more times. Candidates don't forget your duties in the kitchen at our Lodges stated meeting night. It's a chance for you to meet the brethren of our lodge and an opportunity to follow the same road that they have, and a tradition that has been a part of this Lodge for years. Now, all of you who are planning to bring children and / or grandchildren to see the Easter Bunny it is extremely essential that you notify my wife Nancy Phillips and inform her on the number of children you are bringing. This way the Easter Bunny knows how many goodies to bring. Don't forget April 30th, that's the deadline to have your $50.00 down payment for your trip to Niagara Falls. You don't want to miss out on all the fun. It's time to go and until then may God bless. Fraternally Yours,

Worshipful Master