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Corinthian Lodge #573 F. & A. M.

Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center

3579 Masonic Way

Pittsburgh PA



What has happened to our summer break? It was just last week we went "Dark" --- WOW!

Itís September now and as we continue our whirlwind year with Brother Mike Colberg as the Worshipful Master, I look back at the Kennywood day, the Stag, the Family Picnic with over 100 guests, Baseball game, the trip to the Phantom of the Opera in Toronto, what great fellowship!

We now must look forward to the remaining part of the year and continue to support the Lodge by recommending new members.

Candidates who become Master Masons indicate that their need for fellowship was paramount in their decision to become a member of our craft. We are the most active Lodge in our district with the most to offer. Why is it that we are only going to raise 19-20 new members this year? The lodge needs to attract more youthful members. 80% of our active members are over the age of 65. A lodge with youthful active members have much more to offer candidates to keep their interest. The energy level of the Lodge picks up.-- Example: Mike Colberg, Bill Dorner etc. They have many new ideas. They are leaders who are well equipped, and lead well. Lets get acquainted with youthful prospects and recommend them if qualified.

Remember that Freemasonry is a charitable benevolent and educational fraternity. Itís principles are proclaimed as widely as men will HEAR. The only secrets are in the methods of instruction.

Masons and Non-masons are encouraged to LOG-ON to the Masonic webpage at --- This webpage is sponsored by the Grand Lodge of PA and itís purpose is to respond to the critics of Freemasonry.

Itís a busy schedule this month and I look forward to seeing more of you at our extra meetings. Letís support these new members and show what fellowship is all about. We have four men entering the craft this month, please show your support!



James P. Fullerton III

Junior Warden