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Corinthian Lodge #573 F. & A. M.

1999 Masonic Year

Planned Programs and Activities

Michael J. Colberg WM

William E. Dorner SW

James P. Fullerton III JW


January 8, 1999 Stated Meeting

Program: Examination of a Visitor, William G. Bigley, PM

Presentation of PM Jewel and Apron to Roland M. Livermore

Ladies/Family: Craft and game Night

Program: After the meeting we will have a K-9 demonstration by Sgt. Pascarella

Events: Ice Skating party for the family. {Date and time to be announced,

Weather Permitting}

February 12, 1999 Stated Meeting

Program: Investments, Brother William Evans

Ladies/Family: Valentineís Day Craft

Events: Annual Bowling outing

March 12, 1999 Stated Meeting

Program: Legal Aid/Issues, Paul Bodnar

Ladies/Family: Easter Craft

Events: Annual Crucible Steel (E. Liverpool) and Victory Lodge Fish Fry road trips.

April 9, 1999 Stated Meeting

Program: Birds of Prey

Ladies/Family: Motherís Day Craft

Events: Family Day at the Zoo April 24

May 14, 1999 Stated Meeting

Program: Youth Night

Rainbow girls, Jobís daughters, and Demolay represented.

May 14, 1999 (Continued) Ladies/Family: game night and youth program


Events: May 22 and 23:

Alexandria Virginia trip with family.

George Washington National Memorial, Building/Mt. Vernon/Old Alexandria


June 11, 1999 Stated Meeting

Program: D.D.G.M. visit/ 25 and 50 year pins

David Kielman D.D.G.M.

Strawberry Night

Ladies/Family: Craft/game night

Events: Annual Trip to Canfield Ohio Quarry degree (Outside)

Annual Pirate game outing

July/August Dark. Summertime fun with the family

Events: Family picnic (July 10)

September 10, 1999 Stated Meeting

Program: Gun Safety, Game Commission

Ladies/Family: Fall/Halloween craft

Events: N.W.S. Stag picnic Sept 18.

October 8, 1999 Stated Meeting

Program: Past Masterís Dinner and Entertainment

Ladies: Invited to the Dinner and Entertainment

Events: Phantom of the Opera trip, Toronto, Canada October 23 and 24

November 12, 1999 Stated Meeting

Program: Shrine and Grotto Membership, Shrine and Grotto Staff

Ladies/Family: Craft and Game Night

Events: Open

December 10, 1999 Stated Meeting

Program: Election/Installation of Officers

Corinthian Lodge Officers

Ladies/Family: Christmas Craft and Party