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Corinthian Lodge #573 F. & A. M.

Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center

3579 Masonic Way

Pittsburgh PA

March 1999

Dear Brethren,

Time is just flying by! Itís hard to imagine, but another month has passed us by. In February, the Stated Meeting went off without a hitch. I am sure everyone who was there had a great time. After another great dinner, we the officers paid a special tribute to our Baby Past Master, Roland Livermore. As everyone could tell, he was most appreciative. We hope the speaker we had talk about personal finances was a help to those planning their future. In all, a good time was had by many.

One subject that I would like to discuss this month is the Corinthian Lodge scholarships. This year our Lodge is giving two $1500.00 scholarships to relatives of Corinthian Lodge members. You can get full details from the flyer in this mailing. Please do not hesitate in picking up applications for your loved ones, as they are due by April 30, 1999. I would like to see a large number of applicants for these awards. We tried last year to offer scholarships, but unfortunately, nobody applied for them. That was a shame. Letís not repeat that and get those applications out to those who are entering or continuing college.

I would also like to encourage all of you to come down to Washington D.C. with us on May 22-23. This will be a wonderful opportunity to see the George Washington Masonic Memorial and the city of Washington D.C. itself. Full information can be obtained on the flyer which was sent to you. Besides having a fun time, you will get a history lesson also. What a bargain!

"It Is A Very Hard Undertaking To Seek To Please Everybody."

Publilius Syrus, First Century B.C.

Over 2000 years ago, they already had it figured out.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

William E. Dorner

Senior Warden