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Corinthian Lodge #573 F. & A. M.

Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center

3579 Masonic Way

Pittsburgh PA


Our congratulations are out to Brother Ed Appelt for being passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft Mason. Also Brothers Cramer and Ewart for being entered. The degrees were perfect and we are proud to see each of these brothers progressing in their education --- Keep it Up!

As you are aware there seems to be a slump in petitions. This is not like our Lodge. We need to head off a serious problem before it gets out of hand. I am not an alarmist, but I do believe this slow drainage of "Craftsmen" could have a tremendous effect over the next few years. --- If I may be of service to the Lodge, or if any of my brothers have any suggestions that address this problem, please corner me at any of the meetings, or call me at my home. Together we can reverse this decline in membership.

On Saturday, February 20, we enjoyed our annual Bowling Day at Noble Manor lanes in Greentree. - A good time was had by all. We wonít discuss the scores but records were broken - How could anyone score a -0- ??

Seriously, Mike Colberg had twice as many people this year and the enthusiasm is so great we are discussing another one in the fall. --- It was beautiful to see husbands, wives, kids, grandmas, pap-paps, girlfriends and their friends all have a great time. - Thanks to brother Mike for putting this one together!!

REMEMBER: If only 5% of my brothers recommend 1 friend, we can meet and satisfy our current goals of membership. You all worked hard to make this a premium organization, help us keep it that way!

REMEMBER: If your wife or significant other and children have an interest in crafts, we have Easter crafts on March 12, and Motherís day crafts on April 9th. Fun for the entire family!


James P. Fullerton III

Junior Warden