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Well, another month has passed and the Lodge continues to proper and grow under the leadership of Brother Mike Colberg, W.M. Great stated meetings, special events, road trips, educational adventures, bowling, skating, fish fries, Washington, D.C., etc...etc....WOW..... We really are THE active Lodge. I am very proud. It is for all of you my brothers. It continues a legacy and tradition that has been the reputation of the Corinthian Lodge for 111 years.

Now for some sobering news!

Over the years I have tried to attend all funeral services as a tribute to our brethren who have passed on to their maker. Some of these services were giant affairs with a hundred or so brothers showing respect for the craft and the family of the deceased. Some services have been frugally attended with 15 or 20 brothers attending to support our Lodge but just today I attended the services for a brother who died and we had only 6 Masons present. Two of which were from another Lodge.

It was embarrassing for our Lodge.

It was embarrassing for the family of the deceased.

It was embarrassing for the craft.

So few to say "Farewell my brother" to one who gave so much. Remember we all will be passed on and Masonic respect dictates the survivors dutiful attendance.

It was good to see three new petitions and two transfers into our Lodge. We are heading in the right direction, THANKS!

Special thanks to Brother Bob Matasitch, P.M. for the excellent fish served this past stated meeting. --- The man is tireless in his Masonic dedication and we are fortunate he is a member of our Lodge.

Well, see you all at the next stated meeting. Please bring a friend.

Respectfully yours,


James P. Fullerton, III

Junior Warden