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February 2001

Wisdom from the East


Well the first Stated Meeting was here and gone, and I’m still around, which is a good sign for me.  With a little more work, the rest of the year should run as smooth.  All in all we did have a good time, even if it wasn’t somebody’s birthday.

I would like to say thank you to our Senior Warden and Junior Warden for the beautiful gavel that they presented to me at our Stated Meeting dinner.  I will get some use out of it this year that’s for sure.  I would also like to say thank you to all the brethren that filled in the officer’s chairs; they all did a fine job for their first Stated Meeting and for many, the first time in those officer positions.

Keep February 17 open on your agenda, so you can join us for Corinthian’s family bowling party.  Bring someone with you the more the merrier, I’m sure we’ll all have fun.  Contact Ed Colberg at 412 486-1711 and let Ed know how many bowlers you are bringing, we should get started about noon.  I hope to see all of you there.

Hey, here’s a thought; if you know of a brother from our lodge that you haven’t seen at our meeting’s for sometime, and he lives fairly close to you.  Why not give him a call a day or to before the meeting and offer him a ride.

Any member of our lodge that knows of a youth group or organization (Little league, Gymnast, midget Hockey League, etc.) that is in our lodge’s area that is need, please contact me with the details.

By the way, if your wife or significant other or daughter is going to attend the Stated Meeting dinner with you, and would like to participate in the craft’s that follow the dinner, please contact my wife Nancy and tell her so there will be enough craft’s to go around.

In closing, brethren don’t forget Valentine’s Day, so long for now and may God bless.


Worshipful Master