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Corinthian Lodge #573 F. & A. M.

Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center

3579 Masonic Way

Pittsburgh PA

February, 1999

Dear Brethren,

I hope that everyone has thawed out from the winter storm that hit us in January. Due to the inclement weather, the dinner at our January stated meeting was cancelled, and the meeting itself was extremely short. The officers are trying to reschedule the Monroeville Police Department K-9 presentation, so hopefully you will be able to see it sometime this year. As Officers of Corinthian Lodge, we try our best to make sure that all of our meetings and events go smoothly. But as much as we try, we have no say over the weather. That is somebody else’s department.

I do hope that the weather is better for the February stated meeting. I encourage everyone to come out and see our baby Past Master, Roland Livermore, get all of the respect and thanks that he deserves for his work last year. The many dignified and solemn things that we have planned for him will only bestow more honor among this most deserving of persons. I am sure that at the end of the meeting he will know the depths of the gratitude we have for him and he will be forever grateful for us showing it in front of everyone.

"The Greatest Griefs Are Those We Cause Ourselves."

Sophocles, c.495-405 B.C.

Many people complain about things. You hear them saying that life is not fair and that they do not deserve what has been dealt to them. But many times the problems that we have are in fact caused by something we ourselves did or did not do. So the next time you are having a problem, think about why you are having it. And if the answer is because of you, then you know that you yourself can solve it because you have caused it.


Sincerely and Fraternally,


William E. Dorner

Senior Warden