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On February 1, A.D. 1888, A.L. 5888 Corinthian Lodge No. 573 came into being in the village of Millvale.  From the minutes we find that “Grand Lodge opened in ample form at one o’clock and twenty minutes P.M.  The warrant for a new Lodge to be called Corinthian Lodge No. 573, to be held in Millvale Boro, Allegheny County, was read.”  “The R.W.G.M. then constituted and formed Brothers Alexander M. Johnson, Samuel H. Johnson, Harvey J. Wiles, William Sample, Christopher Horrocks, John Breiner, Albert M. Ketler, Joshua Ward, and Joseph H. Dempsy into a Lodge of F. & A.M. when the new Lodge  was proclaimed duly constituted by the name of Corinthian Lodge No. 573.  Grand Lodge closed at three o’clock and forty minutes P.M.”  That same evening, the first stated meeting was held.  From that small beginning Corinthian Lodge continues to grow and prosper.